Lecky Engineering

Software for Machine Vision, Robotics, and Factory Automation

Our software and expertise transforms components into production-ready systems.


Lecky Engineering is a factory automation software company working with startups through Fortune 100 companies who need help in automation, robotics, machine vision, or general product strategy.

The company specializes in general purpose factory automation software but can also design and prototype complex multi-disciplinary systems requiring integrated mechatronics, electronics, FPGAs, firmware, high-performance algorithms, and machine learning. We have a proven track record creating practical and reliable solutions that work in the real world: 24/7 manufacturing, production, and mission-critical environments. We know how to develop software that is optimized for size, development speed, reliability, simplicity, performance, and cost.

Announcing LEonard!

Check out LEonard, our new hard-core factory automation conductor running in C# on Windows 11. LEonard has been deployed successfully in general robotics, 3D part finishing, 3D robot guidance, and 3D inspection applications, with more applications to come.

Designed by robotics and machine vision experts and built for reliability, factory floor durability, and easy customization, LEonard is the product of nearly 40 years of factory automation experience. It is the conductor that can seamlessly glue together the best factory automation components in the industry, including hardware from major robot manufacturers, major machine vision providers, PLC companies, sensor companies, and more. If it talks SIPC, MODBUS, Ethernet IP, Profi, sockets, RS-232... we can interface to it and give you a conductor programming environment to look over and sequence your whole industrial work cell.