Lecky Engineering

Designers of LEonard, the work cell automation software!

Our software and expertise transform ideas and components into production-ready systems.


Lecky Engineering is a factory automation software company working with startups through Fortune 100 companies who need help in automation, robotics, machine vision, or general product strategy.

We are the inventors and developers of LEonard, a simple but powerful work cell automation product that lets users sequence work cells in a simple script, Java, or Python.

We can also design and prototype complex multi-disciplinary systems requiring integrated mechatronics, electronics, FPGAs, firmware, high-performance algorithms, and machine learning. We have a proven track record creating practical and reliable solutions that work in the real world: 24/7 manufacturing, production, and mission-critical environments. We know how to develop software that is optimized for size, development speed, reliability, simplicity, performance, and cost.


LEonard 22.11 is now available!

What's new in 22.11?

  • Java Scripting. Do what you love in Java and call subprograms from any LEonard recipe!

  • Python Engine. Run the whole system from Python code and take advantage of all of the Python standard libraries!

  • Enhanced support for multiple devices. Native examples for all of the following devices and software systems! Manage 1, 2, or 10 devices!

    • UR Robots

    • LMI Gocator

    • Cognex Dataman and Insight

    • MVTec HALCON

    • Teledyne/DALSA Sherlock

    • Generic Serial and TCP/IP devices

    • More and more all the time!

Read more on the LEonard Product Page!