Lecky Engineering

Machine Vision, Robotics, Electronics, and Factory Automation Consulting and Product Development

We develop imaging systems, robotic workcells, electronics, and all the software needed to make them work together.


Lecky Engineering is a consulting company working with startups through Fortune 100 companies who need help in automation, robotics, machine vision, or general product strategy.

The company specializes in the design and prototyping of complex multi-disciplinary systems requiring integrated mechatronics, electronics, FPGAs, firmware, high-performance algorithms, and machine learning. We have a proven track record creating practical and reliable solutions that work in the real world: 24/7 manufacturing, production, and mission-critical environments. We develop software that is optimized for size, development speed, reliability, simplicity, performance, and cost.

We're located in San Antonio, Texas and have worked both on-site and remotely world-wide.


Robotics and Machine Vision Consulting

  • Custom software product development for imaging, robotics, and factory automation

  • Robot programming: Fanuc, UR, Kawasaki, ABB, Epson, custom

  • Vision programming: Cognex, HALCON, KEYENCE, Omron, Sherlock, custom

  • Machine vision optics and lighting consulting and proof-of-concepts

  • System design (robots, conveyors, AGVs, AMRs) at machine shop through Amazon/Microsoft/Google scale

  • End user direct coaching to help get small robotic and vision systems working

  • Technical supercharging assistance for major robot and vision system integrators

Custom Product and Factory Automation Software Development

      • C++, C#/.NET, Matlab/Simulink

      • Python for ML (pytorch, TensorFlow, etc.), conversion of same to raw C++/assembly language for size, speed, and IP optimization

      • Embedded software design/POC on FPGA (Xilinx, Altera), SoC, DSP, embedded CPU

      • PLC system design, programming, optimization, code allocation between PLC and IPC: Rockwell, Siemens, Mitsubishi

      • Cloud interfaces from PLC, IPC, or robot controller direct: AWS, Azure, Google

Electronic Design and Deployment

  • Custom embedded control systems combining general purpose CPU/SoCs, DSPs, FPGAs

    • Design, schematic capture, PCB layout, build, debug, deploy: Altium, OrCad

  • Mixed analog, digital, communications

Training and Custom Education

  • Our founder, Ned Lecky, is a frequent speaker and coach for technology systems

  • Ned was an Electrical Engineering lecturer and then professor for many years and developed and taught courses in:

    • FPGA design: Verilog and VHDL

    • Computer Vision: using his own libraries hand-coded in C to optimize size, speed, and to eliminate IP footprint

    • C++ programming for hardware engineers

    • Electronics design for software engineers

  • Ned has also developed and delivered corporate training programs for data communications companies, Bell Labs/Lucent, and the US Army

    • Telecommunications and networking

    • Client/server architectures

    • Real-time embedded system implementation

    • Cloudera Hadoop

Industries We Know Well

  • Factory Automation

    • Logistics: distribution centers, shipping/receiving hubs, inbound high-speed receive

      • Former Amazon fulfillment center Principal Hardware Engineer

    • Automotive

    • Packaging

    • Wood products

    • Paper products

    • Food and Beverage

  • Data Center Automation

    • Formerly Microsoft and Google Data Center automation engineering team leader)

  • Transportation

    • Automotive inspection

    • Under vehicle inspection

    • Railroad manufacturing, maintenance, and inspection