Other Services

Other Services

Lecky Engineering provides a variety of other custom services on a per-engagement basis.

Robotics and Machine Vision Consulting

  • Custom software product development for imaging, robotics, and factory automation

  • Robot programming: Fanuc, UR, Kawasaki, ABB, Epson, custom

  • Vision programming: Cognex, HALCON, KEYENCE, Omron, Sherlock, custom

  • Machine vision optics and lighting consulting and proof-of-concepts

  • System design (robots, conveyors, AGVs, AMRs) at machine shop through Amazon/Microsoft/Google scale

  • End user direct coaching to help get small robotic and vision systems working

  • Technical supercharging assistance for major robot and vision system integrators

Custom Product and Factory Automation Software Development

      • C++, C#/.NET, Matlab/Simulink

      • Python for ML (pytorch, TensorFlow, etc.), conversion of same to raw C++/assembly language for size, speed, and IP optimization

      • Embedded software design/POC on FPGA (Xilinx, Altera), SoC, DSP, embedded CPU

      • PLC system design, programming, optimization, code allocation between PLC and IPC: Rockwell, Siemens, Mitsubishi

      • Cloud interfaces from PLC, IPC, or robot controller direct: AWS, Azure, Google

Electronic Design and Deployment

  • Custom embedded control systems combining general purpose CPU/SoCs, DSPs, FPGAs

    • Design, schematic capture, PCB layout, build, debug, deploy: Altium, OrCad

  • Mixed analog, digital, communications

Training and Custom Education

  • Our founder, Ned Lecky, is a frequent speaker and coach for technology systems

  • Ned was an Electrical Engineering lecturer and then professor for many years and developed and taught courses in:

    • FPGA design: Verilog and VHDL

    • Computer Vision: using his own libraries hand-coded in C to optimize size, speed, and to eliminate IP footprint

    • C++ programming for hardware engineers

    • Electronics design for software engineers

  • Ned has also developed and delivered corporate training programs for data communications companies, Bell Labs/Lucent, and the US Army

    • Telecommunications and networking

    • Client/server architectures

    • Real-time embedded system implementation

    • Cloudera Hadoop