LEonard™️ is a hard-core factory automation conductor running in C# on Windows 11. LEonard has been deployed successfully in general robotics, 3D part finishing, 3D robot guidance, and 3D inspection applications, with more applications to come.

Designed by robotics and machine vision experts and built for reliability, factory floor durability, and easy customization, LEonard is the product of nearly 40 years of factory automation experience. It is the conductor that can seamlessly glue together the best factory automation components in the industry, including hardware from major robot manufacturers, major machine vision providers, PLC companies, sensor companies, and more. If it talks SIPC, MODBUS, Ethernet IP, Profi, sockets, RS-232... we can interface to it and give you a conductor programming environment to look over and sequence your whole industrial work cell.

Contact us to talk about your application if:

  • your application requires software integration, and

  • you'd like to "conduct the whole orchestra" using C#, scripting, Java, or Python, and

  • you are using robots, PLCs, conveyors, vision systems, and other factory automation components from a variety of world-class providers

Lecky Engineering also does hard-core custom robot programming, machine vision algorithm development, and integration of ML and Deep Learning techniques, and can build these customizations into LEonard to make them easy for you to understand, set up, and reuse.


A full-featured version of LEonard specifically design for rugged, industrial touch-screen tablets like the Zebra L10.

LEonard Desktop

The desktop version of LEonard designed to take advantage of your larger monitor!

All About Devices

The key to LEonard's flexibility is our ever-expanbding list of supported protocols and devices. These interfaces are designed for and tested on real-world applications and customized as necessary to expose all of the features and capabilities that you need! Customization and testing is included in the price. It's how we do things.

Parts List and Options

Here's the general overview on parts and options.

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LEonard Parts List